Tasty and irresistable – Easter Pan-pek pinca

Two delicious holiday pinca are waiting for you in Pan-pek - smaller, of 100 grams, handmade and freshly baked on the spot in our stores, and larger, of 270 grams, with raisins and extended freshness.

Pinca is an aromatic sweet bread or cake that is traditionally prepared for Easter and in our country there is no Easter holiday table without this famous dessert. At the same time, each region, even each household, has its own special recipe for pinca. No matter how you prepare it, one thing is important - the final product on the table must be a soft, aromatic and very tasty cake. 

Although pinca is a relatively simple cake in terms of ingredients and appearance, its making requires long-term preparation and skill. Keeping in mind that nowadays many people do not have time to prepare their own pinca, our Pan-pek experts have been making the finest traditional pinca for you for years, following our own special recipe.

In Pan-pek, we are making two types of pinca.

Our smaller pinca, of 100 grams, is handmade in selected Pan-pek stores and baked on the spot, so that it is fresh, warm and delicious the moment you buy it. Considering the size, you can eat it alone or share it with a close person.

Pan-pek also has a large pinca, of 270 grams, with raisins and extended freshness. This pinca is available in all Pan-pek stores. It is ideal for the family holiday table, extremely tasty and prepared according to our special and proven recipe.

This Easter let us take care about your holiday table and spend more time enjoying the company of your loved ones and creating special holiday moments!

*Pan-pek pinca of 100 g is available at the following Pan-pek stores:

Lastovska 2a, Savica
Bukovačka cesta 25
Tržnica Dolac
Krešićeva 32, Borongaj
Lanište 24
Kneza Borne 16
Importanne centar
Ilica 52
Folnegovićeva 1a
Ozaljska 5
Paromlinska cesta 2a, Importanne centar
Frane Petrića 1
Masarykova 23
Savska cesta 13
Trg žrtava fašizma 9
Selska cesta 90b
Radnička 1a
Trg bana Jelačića 15