Tasty new back to school & back to office meals

Starting this fall, Pan-pek assortment range is richer with two new delicious products - Slavonian pizza calzone and Corn pancetta roll. Both products are being prepared directly on the spot, in our Pan-pek stores, they are freshly baked several times a day and therefore stay warm longer. And the fusion of flavors, spices and ingredients we have combined in them will delight absolutely everyone – from school kids to working people.

During a break at school, college or from work, we invite you to stop by Pan-pek and taste for yourself why corn pancetta roll and Slavonian pizza calzone have quickly become our most popular products.

Corn pancetta roll
Corn pancetta roll is this autumn novelty in Pan-pek. A fine pastry made from mixed flour is wrapped in a strip of pancetta and baked to a perfect result - a crispy crust and a soft, juicy interior. In description more traditional combination of pancetta and pastry is actually a modern and practical snack that can be eaten alone, as a quick warm snack or you will, like us, take at least three pancetta rolls and turn this product into a full meal. It is handmade in Pan-pek stores, on the spot, freshly rolled and baked so that the result is always a juicy, warm roll.


Slavonian pizza calzone
Folded pizza is an Italian classic, crispy on the outside, soft, tasty and full of delicious filling on the inside. And equally important, warm and freshly baked! Sounds great, doesn't it? In addition to the classic calzone pizza, Pan-pek has recently put on the market a Slavonian variant, with the beloved - kulen. 

This calzone pizza has pastry made from corn flour, is filled with tomato, cheese, ham, kulen and spices, then finely baked to perfection - a golden crispy crust. The combination of ingredients and flavors will give you the needed energy and warm you even when the temperatures drop a bit. And the fact that the Slavonian pizza calzone is baked several times a day on the spot means that you will always have a warm meal.

Find Slavonian calzone pizza and corn pancetta roll today at your nearest Pan-pek store and taste for yourself the fine flavors and delicious combinations of our two new bestsellers. Enjoy!