Try our new Burek with ABC cheese

We combined two favorite flavors and got a unique - crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, delicious and irresistible - burek with ABC cream cheese. Taste it today in all Pan-pek stores!

At Pan-pek, we love challenges and always want to provide the highest quality, creative and tastiest product possible. What does this mean when it comes to one of our most famous products - burek with cheese? We asked ourselves the same question and decided to raise the bar. For that we needed another product loved for generations and by generations, ABC cream cheese.

We are more than satisfied with the result!

ABC cream cheese from Belje contains only three ingredients - milk, cream and a pinch of salt, and as the name suggests, it is irresistibly creamy and delicious. Pan-pek burek is made from phyllo dough and according to the traditional recipe, so that it is exactly what a burek should be - crispy, juicy, delicious and richly stuffed with filling.

When we combined these two products, we got Pan-pek burek with ABC cream cheese. Irresistibly delicious, crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, with an excellent combination of flavors and textures. This is the perfect choice at any time of the day - morning, noon or evening. Find it today in all Pan-pek stores and enjoy a unique and special gourmet experience!