There is only one – Pan-pek apricot donut

Freshly baked every day, tasty, warm, with a delicious apricot filling. There is only one real donut – Pan-pek apricot donut. Get yours at the nearest Pan-pek store today and enjoy the beloved taste of a freshly and hand baked, warm and tasty apricot donut.

We love the beginning of the year because it means only one thing - donut season is here! And Pan-pek has the finest apricot donut, freshly made every day, according to the special traditional recipe and filled with apricot jam.

Why are our apricot donuts special and loved by all generations and profiles of people?

Because only Pan-pek bakes them by hand every day, several times a day, so that they are always soft, tasty and warm. They are filled with the finest Podravka apricot jam and lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar, for a final, irresistible taste. Simple and just perfect!

Visit your nearest Pan-pek store today and get your sweet treat - our apricot donut, or choose a 6 or 12 pack of donuts in a specially designed box and delight your friends, family and colleagues. See you in Pan-pek!