The many faces of Pan-pek Kaiser roll

Is there one bakery product that is universally loved by everyone? Yes, Pan-pek Kaiser-roll!

This classic product is one of the first Pan-pek products and has been produced continuously for 31 years. Till this day it stays a favorite choice of both younger and older generations. Why? Due to its fine crispy crust and soft inside, it pairs well with all food, spreads, salads, fruit and vegetables and is baked several times a day in Pan-pek stores to always stay warm and fresh.

You prefer marmalade and butter on freshly baked pastry for breakfast? Our Kaiser roll will do perfectly. Want to put together a nice sandwich with cheese, salami and vegetables? Choose Pan-pek Kaiser roll.

You can't imagine creamy autumn stew or soup without your favorite bakery product? Planning a party where you want to serve smaller bites? Or you are just in the mood for a simpler meal - nice crispy pastry with yogurt and maybe warm tea? The famous Pan-pek Kaiser roll goes great with all of the above.

Find it today in the nearest Pan-pek store and taste for yourself why it has been the favorite choice of our customers from the very beginning!